modul21 came about through the idea of developing a high-quality sectional seating system that is not only timelessly modern in look but which – thanks to its innovative modular concept – also enables a wide variety of individual solutions, whether for commercial and institutional interiors or the residential field. As such it provides architects, planners and interior designers a highly-versatile tool for responding to the daily challenges of meeting requirements regarding spatial situations, functionality, variability and aesthetics. The puristic design of the seating elements will add prestige to formal waiting areas as well as lounges, office breakout zones and also private spaces. The modul21 furniture system fits all architectural styles and with its striking presence will lend rooms a distinctive ambience. Modern and yet timeless, the furniture creations will fulfil every prerequisite of becoming a classic.



modul21 is based on a system of individual cushion modules that come in a width and depth that adhere to one and the same grid size, and lend themselves to any type of combination thanks to an aluminium base frame system especially developed for the sectional seating programme. Both the simplicity of this concept and the small 20 cm grid make it possible to join modules of all types together with practically no limitations. The modular design also enables the furniture to be easily adapted to changing needs or spatial situations. The construction of the base frame is designed to enable equipping the items with feet of differing types as well as gliders and castors.



modul21 evolved and underwent fine-tuning during our 25-plus years of award-winning design and development work for noted furniture manufacturers. The design concept is clear, uncompromising and highly distinctive, no matter whether a simple ottoman bench is concerned or a room-dividing breakout zone complete with sound-absorbing elements.

Our society is having to counter new challenges and orient itself every day anew, and thus living spaces change. System furniture has to withstand such a scenario and retain its validity with the changing of times. Varied requirements need to be fulfilled in terms of flexibility, functionality and variability and are as equally important as good design and high aesthetic quality. It is only in this way that the longevity of a product can be ensured for the sake of sustainability and our world’s resources.

Volker Reichert

Dipl. Designer