Rooms in public spaces

Wherever timeless design is required, individual and unique solutions can be created with modul21. Whether in the lobby of a museum, a hotel or a company, the high degree of design and aesthetics always lends a particular note to waiting zones in all representative buildings, from lawyers’ offices, doctors’ practices, banks, galleries, educational institutions and exhibitions through to trade fair halls.


in the office

A feeling of comfort in our everyday world of work has never been so important. The daily flood of information requires areas to be created with a relaxed environment, in which someone can be undisturbed and concentrate. To work alone, in a team or simply to relax.

The flexibility of the system and the use of acoustic elements allow areas to be completely redefined, regardless of whether these are intended for concentrated work, communications, presentations or simply as a secluded retreat.


Private living

In the private sphere, the clear structure gives a feel for the puristic character of the design, even in small compositions. A simple sofa consisting of just a few modules becomes a real highlight in a changing room or a reception area.

Whether in a private work room or your library, the flexibility of the system, combined with high quality materials, offers countless individual design solutions to fulfill the most stringent living demands.